Photos taken during Ride North by Sebastiaan de With and Stuart Philkill


Ride North was a Kickstarter project by Pictogram founder Sebastiaan de With and his friend Stuart Philkill to create a unique online and print narrative of a motorcycle ride from San Francisco to the remote and dangerous Alaskan Arctic. The project was succesfully funded and after completion of the ‘expedition’ garnered over 4.5 million views and shares online, including featured publications on Buzzfeed, the Blaze, People Magazine, CNN and many more.

A selected photos post was the top ‘upvoted’ (user chosen) photo post on the social news site Reddit for 2014 and featured on imgur’s ‘Best of 2014’ lineup as the second best shared album of the year.


Design of the limited edition photo book and a possible second run with a publisher are underway.